A D&D Podcast Where Fantasy and the Real World Collide


About Us

Joshua David Robinson

Hailing from his country’s seat of power in the District of Columbia, for years Joshua (he/they) wended his way coast to coast in search of plunder and adventure, before settling in the den of thieves and saints and possibility known as New York in the charming lyn of Brook. He sings for his supper on stage or into a microphone, and is at times inadvisably charged with the molding of younger minds at various institutions in the north east. He is secretly preparing them all for the revolution…are you ready?

Deanna Elisabeth Woodman

A traveler from the sun-drenched lands of the west, Deanna (they/she) wandered through misty moors to the eastern shores of this realm. Though still baffled by the concepts of changing atmospheric conditions and waterproof outerwear (I believe easterners call them…raincoats?), this California queer has adapted quite nicely to their new surroundings. On a constant quest for change, they have found employ as as an arcane investigator and part-time frolicking bard. Deanna’s familiar takes the form of a growing puppy named Junebug, whose sole purpose in life is to get love from every person she meets. When not snuggling at home, you’ll find them camped out at a local pub plotting to take over the world…one face lick at a time…

Kylee Marie Brinkman

Kylee (she/her) was raised on the shores of the big freshwater in the land of green and gold. With a father who hailed from the far side of that great lake, and a mother from an archipelago in the Pacific, she grew up at the intersection of two cultures. When it was time for her to level up, she journeyed to a land of ice and frost, to the Cities of Twin, where she met a charming Norseman. She believes greatly that passion and how you make your coin should coincide. She’s made her’s by working at non-profits that uplift the voices of others, both figuratively and literally. 

Torsten David Johnson

Spawning from the region of Great Lakes where his love for wilderness and story was born, Torsten (he/they) has always loved adventure. A rambling performer, for years he earned his bread on stages throughout the land, laying down his head wherever the journey took him. Eventually he found companionship with a lovely lady he met in a Twin Critty. Together they began to lay down roots on an island at the mouth of the river sometimes called Hudson. His quest is to tell stories that hold purpose, and he finds inspiration from the continual forays he makes into mountains and wild lands. When he’s not plying his craft for coin, you’ll often find him near the Canal of Gowanus developing skills of climbing for himself and others.

About the Show

We play Dnd. Then we talk about it. It’s great fun!

Every episode of our podcast begins with a session of D&D. We play 5th Edition in our home brew world of Rokhatima. Imagine Tolkien’s mythos with Miyazaki’s amalgamations of modern and mystical!

Then, after the session, we discuss pertinent events and interactions that came up during the role play. Whether it’s micro-aggressions from an NPC, or a particularly close call for a character, we engage with it. Just like real life, role play is full of rich complexities, so there is always something worth digging into!

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